Financial Help for Single Mothers in Connecticut

The state government of Connecticut endeavors to be instrumental in helping single mothers and needy families attaining self-reliance. There are many challenges along the way and these women face different sets of problems that prevent them from achieving this.

But with state programs to back them up, every single mother in Connecticut gets a fighting chance at life. These programs aim to help them achieve self-reliance and ultimately escape poverty.

Childcare Support Program

Single moms with children who are not yet old enough for school face the problem of childcare. They either quit their job or settle for childcare services that are below standards. The state assists them in their quest to find god quality childcare services. But the ultimate goal here is to allow these moms to concentrate on earning their keep and providing for their families.

Under the Care 4 Kids Program of Connecticut1, the payment for childcare services is subsidized by the state. This subsidy can help ease the full burden of paying for child care expenses.

Healthcare Assistance

For single mothers with meager income, provisions for health are neglected. Most, if not all, are beset with problems of affording access to quality medical care. Through the Connecticut Medicaid Program, families with children whose income is below the poverty threshold are given comprehensive healthcare coverage.

For families who cannot afford private health insurance but have incomes that are above the standard for the Medicaid program, may apply for the Healthcare for Uninsured Children and You program or HUSKY.2

Rental and Housing Assistance

Connecticut’s Rental Assistance Program (RAP)3 gives single mothers the option to look for alternative dwellings that is within their financial limits. Those who wish to apply to the program can proceed to the state’s Department of Social Services at

Pursuing College Education

Single mothers can hope and work hard for a brighter future through education. This way, they open themselves up to better job opportunities which can augment their income.

Through Connecticut’s Higher Education Department, they can apply for grants and scholarships to help them earn college degrees. The department facilitates the network of institutions, students and funding organizations to assist them in enrolling in their chosen course.


  1. For more information about Care 4 Kids, call 1-888-214-KIDS (5437) []
  2. For further information about HUSKY, call its toll-free number at 1-877-CT-HUSKY (1-877-284-8759) []
  3. Eligibility for RAP is determined based on the household’s annual gross income which may not exceed 50% of the median income for the county or metropolitan area in which the family chooses to live. []