Financial Help for Single Mothers in Oregon

In Oregon, most single mothers are in no better condition to provide for the basic needs of their family. Working full-time, looking after their kids and hoping for personal development, single-parent families here are given special attention by the state government.

Food, shelter and clothing are the barest of necessities. Still, single mothers struggle financially to meet those basic needs. This is where the state government of Oregon steps in. It bridges the financial gap that these people face on a daily basis.

Cash Assistance Program

Because it takes a stable source of income to provide for the needs of the family, Oregon is implementing the TANF program which doles out cash support to low income families as well as single mothers.

However, the program beneficiaries are only given financial assistance for a limited time. Oregon State is encouraging single moms to attain self-sufficiency and financial stability before they graduate from the program.

Food Support

Single mothers have to provide adequate nutrition to their kids but when financially-strapped, these could be set aside or sacrificed. To help these mothers meet their responsibilities, the state of Oregon distributes Electronic Benefit Cards (EBT) which has replaced food stamps.

This card can be used by the holder to buy grocery items like food and toiletries. The government finances the card’s purchasing power and has entered into an agreement with local establishments for the EBT’s recognition and acceptance.

Health Coverage

When kids lack proper nutrition, their health takes the brunt of the nutritional deficiencies. This necessitates health insurance coverage because of frequent medical attention that these kids require. Employed single mothers can be covered by insurance from their job. But not all of them have this benefit.

Those who do not have proper health insurance are given low-cost or free medical coverage by the state government. This is the federal-government initiated Medicaid plan that includes coverage of basic medical services.

The state also provides health programs specifically for kids. But this is part of the low-cost insurance coverage. Although the government shoulders most of the cost of premium payments, the recipients still have to cover the remaining.

Rental Assistance

Single mothers need not subject themselves or their families to poor living conditions. Through Oregon’s Housing Choice Voucher Program, these families receive subsidized rental payments. This program seeks to ensure that single mothers and their kids have permanent places to dwell.

The government pays its share of the rental fee directly to the landlord. The rest of the payment, which often amounts to 30% of the total rent, is shouldered by the recipients.