Financial Help for Single Mothers in Wyoming

Single mothers face life with much difficulty. Their struggle is within themselves and with the world. Facing these crisis in their lives can make everything seem daunting. They may have the same set of problems like other families but the difference is that they deal with them alone.

In Wyoming, several programs are geared towards addressing the many concerns of single mothers in their struggle for survival. With proper support, single mothers can become better and more productive individuals.

Assistance for Food and Supplies

The primary need of single mothers and their children is food. Through Wyoming’s implementation of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, single moms are able to feed their children with proper food for nourishment. Benefits of this program are also extended to low income families. The state provides a debit card which holders can take to participating establishments and use for their purchases.

Moreover, the state also extends cash support through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Although assistance comes in the form of cash, beneficiaries only receive it for a limited time. It is only a tool to improve their financial conditions and help them concentrate on looking for better sources of income.

College Assistance

In conjunction with looking for better employment opportunities, Wyoming encourages single mothers to enroll in college and earn a degree. After applying through FAFSA, single mothers are assisted in their search for the ideal college course that will take them a step closer towards success.

Childcare Assistance

Juggling school, work and caring for kids is a challenging task for single mothers. To make life easier for them, Wyoming State’s Department of Family Services assists single moms in getting quality childcare services. The government shoulders the bulk of the cost and the rest is paid for by recipient.

Healthcare Service

EqualityCare1 is Wyoming’s program implementation of the Medicaid plan. It is offered to single mothers and families that meet the income eligibility requirement, among others. For children who have no sufficient insurance or are under insured, Wyoming has them covered through the Kid Care Comprehensive Health Insurance Program.

Rent Assistance

Rent is another concern that a single mother contends with on a regular basis. Knowing that a default in payment has its repercussions can give her mental and emotional stress. To remedy the situation, Wyoming State implements the Housing Choice Voucher Program2 and offers subsidized apartments as better and more affordable alternatives.


  1. Update: EqualityCare has been discontinued. The program will now be Medicaid []
  2. The housing choice voucher program is the federal government’s major program for assisting very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled. []