Financial Help for Single Mothers in North Dakota

The state of North Dakota is has one of the lowest rate of unemployment in the United States. As a consequence, many families fall under the low income category which also includes single mothers.

To cushion the impact of its own economy on its citizens, the North Dakota government offers programs for this marginalized sector of society. The programs seek to address any inadequacies on the basic necessities of these people especially single mothers.

Providing for Childcare

Under its Childcare Assistance Program, North Dakota identifies families and single mothers who are hard up on paying for child care. Whenever possible, the program undertakes assessment of relatives who can provide for childcare and issues necessary permissions for its implementation.

Another option for childcare for single moms is by getting in touch with a network of home-based daycare centers. Although the state government does not provide assistance under this option, the rates offered are based on the economic status of low income earners.

Health Services

The state offers Medicaid to single mothers who barely earn the minimum amount of income. While Medicaid is offered to low income earners, North Dakota has a separate health program for the children of uninsured families.

Kids who need special medical attention are covered under the Children’s Special Health Services. This is implemented through a health care program under a coordinated system of services. Meanwhile, North Dakota’s Healthy Steps Children’s Health Insurance1 is a program that insures children below the age of 18.

Nutrition Program

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is also implemented by the North Dakota government. It gives low income families the opportunity to put nutritious food on their table. While SNAP is on a family level, the Women, Infant and Children Program is dedicated more to helping single mothers provide good nutrition for their kids.

College Grants

Single mothers and even single fathers are given cash assistance by the state government to help them stay in school. The grant money is intended to help them pay for college tuition and is not meant to be paid back.

There are occasions when the cash assistance given is more than enough to cover their college education. Whatever excess money from the recipient gets from the grant, this can be used upon their discretion. Whether is it used to pay for rent or utility expenses, the government will not hold them liable for anything.


  1. Healthy Steps Insurance is for children who are 18 years of age or younger do not qualify for the North Dakota Medicaid Program. []

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