Financial Help for Single Mothers in New Jersey

In spite of its proximity to the financial district of New York, New Jersey still offers a more affordable cost of living to U.S. residents. However, this fact does not do so much for single mothers who need more than affordability to keep their heads above water.

There are many concerns that single-parent and low income families deal with on a daily basis. Food, clothing and shelter are just among the top priorities that they struggle to provide for their kids.

Through New Jersey’s state programs, single mothers receive ample support to get them through life as easily as possible.

Child Care Assistance

Most of the state’s programs are needs and income-based. They aim to target needy families and individuals like single parents who find it hard to meet their family responsibilities. Child care, for instance, is offered to low and moderate income families. These people are identified as having less money for basic food items and much less for quality child care.

Through the state’s Department of Human Services Office, single mothers may receive state subsidy for childcare expenses so they can seek gainful employment without worrying about their kids at home.1

Food Program

New Jersey’s Food Stamp Program offers single women the opportunity to feed their kids with nutritionally adequate diet. This comes in the form of financial assistance which can be used to purchase the needed items to keep these families healthy. Eligibility depends on several factors like income, household size, resources, etc.

Families with children under five years and infants can also benefit from the WIC program. This is another cash-assistance food program that targets the health of pregnant women and their babies. The money is intended for the purchase of infant formula and other nutritional supplements.

Scholarship Program

Aside from the lack of time, the expensive cost of college tuition is what deters single mothers from pursuing higher education. With little finances at their disposal, they need assistance if they are to pay for school.

But through New Jersey Scholarships, these women are given a second chance to go back to college and provide a better future for them and for their kids. In fact, just living in the state of New Jersey can make them eligible for these scholarships. 

Shelter Program

The State of New Jersey has programs to address the needs of its citizens who are in danger of losing their homes. The state offers rental assistance programs to eligible applicants from low income families which help subsidize the rental payments and make housing affordable for these families.

Among the other housing programs that the state implements are the Homelessness Prevention and Home Energy Assistance.


  1. To learn more about state subsidies, or for help in finding quality child care, call the Child Care Helpline at: 1-800-332-9227 []