Financial Help for Single Mothers in Arizona

One can only imagine the things that single mothers and their family go through. But it is one thing to sympathize and another to do something about it.

In the state of Arizona, several programs cover the needs of single mothers and provide support to help them keep up with life’ struggles.

These programs take into a consideration provisions which are important for human survival. Food, shelter and health care are just a few. But Arizona has taken further steps to improve the lives of single mothers and their children.

Support for Childcare

Caring for kids is a big responsibility and for single mothers, it gets in the way of their work. What happens is that single moms would frequently absent themselves from work or resort to pricey childcare services that can break their bank.

Arizona’s support for childcare is given to single mothers and needy families whose parents are actively employed. This is viewed as a valid reason for helping them since they are working towards self-reliance. Also covered under this support are those getting a degree or undergoing training to complete eligibility requirements.

Food and Nutrition

Single mothers and families with children under the age of five receive food vouchers from the state government. This is under the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Program which helps these parents put nutritious food on the table.

An alternative food support plan is Arizona’s Nutrition Assistance Program. This is offered to low-income families as a means to address malnutrition.

Access to Quality Health Care

Putting food on the table is already quite a challenge for single parents and getting health insurance coverage for their family nearly impossible. When they need emergency medical attention, either they come up with the money or opt for home remedies instead.

Arizona State helps by insuring the children of single mothers and low income families. The health care coverage includes several services which are frequently availed like medical care, eye examination, dental care and immunization.

Subsidized Rent Program

Single parents and their children are always at risk of being evicted from their homes. This comes in the event of default payments on rent which is often the case when these families are facing financial difficulties.

The state of Arizona understands this and offers two options for single mothers. One is the Arizona HUD Subsidized Apartment Program wherein the state pays part of the rental cost. The other program is Section 8 Housing which looks after the housing needs of its beneficiaries.

Scholarship Program

The non-profit organization Helping Hands for Single Moms is offerring unrestricted scholarships to help disadvantaged single moms who lives in the Phoenix-Metro area pursue college degree and financial independence.