The state of Alabama has several financial aid programs available to all its aspiring college students and a two-year academic scholarship program is one of them. An institution designated academic committee screens each application and every candidate is advised to understand the following before applying for the two-year scholarship program.

What is it?

  • This is a state sponsored educational aid that is highly dependent on the students’ excellent academic standings regardless of their financial status.
  • It is awarded for free and does not require any payment or service in return.
  • It can be used to fund a degree with any two-year college institution present in Alabama.
  • It is valid for two-years only but can be renewed provided that the student has maintained high marks of academic achievement.

Who is eligible?

Candidates who fall into the following categories provided that they have high academic marks:

  • Graduating High school students who are electing to enroll at any two-year post secondary institution in the state.
  • Students who are currently enrolled at any two-year public college within Alabama.
  • In state residents are given priority.

How much aid is available?

The amount awarded is dependent on the needs of the student but must not exceed the total amount required to cover tuition fees and book requirements.

How do I apply?

Interested applicants must contact any two-year post secondary institutions to apply.

Where do I get an application?

Application forms can be requested from the financial aid offices of any two-year college institutions in the state.1

Is there a deadline?

  • The deadline for submission of application varies per two-year college institution.
  • The submission date is usually mentioned in the application form. Therefore, it is advised that interested and eligible students must approach the financial aid offices of the educational institution of their choosing.


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