Financial Help for Single Mothers in Alabama

Life’s many challenges are not the same for everyone. For single-parent families, these are harder to bear especially when they are financially strapped and emotionally stressed. Fortunately for single mothers in Alabama, there are several forms of assistance available to them.

From childcare to meeting the basic needs on a daily basis, the state of Alabama assures single moms that they have something to hold on to in these tough times.

Food Support

A pregnant woman or a single mother with children below five years of age is eligible to receive food support. This is under the WIC program which stands for Women, Infants and Children. Through the state government, the available assistance from this federally-subsidized program is distributed to qualified individuals.

Another food assistance that single moms can avail of in Alabama is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). If qualified, beneficiaries will receive monthly cash assistance which they can use to purchase food. This is also in line with the government’s thrust to augment the nutritional food supplement of the children of single mothers.

Assistance for Childcare

Looking after their kids is another challenge for single mothers. With their hands tied at mothering, they have no time to look for gainful employment or to pursue their education for better career options. The state of Alabama understands the need to help them care for their kids which is why it extends subsidized childcare assistance to qualified single parents.

The state also provides childcare support to single mothers by linking them with accredited facilities that offers affordable childcare service. Enrolling their kids with licensed childcare institutions is very important for both security and economic reasons.

Support for Better Health

With insufficient nutrition comes the increased risk for diseases and other health problems. Single mothers with less income for basic needs will definitely have lesser appropriations for their health insurance. Alabama offers qualified kids with insurance for them to have access to quality medical care.

Through its low-cost health care program, Alabama provides comprehensive insurance to children under the age of 19. Known as the ALL Kids program1, this endeavor seeks to assist these women who do not meet the financial requirements set forth under the Medicaid program.

With ALL Kids, beneficiaries can seek medical attention like immunization, access to regular doctor’s check-ups and hospitalization. Dental services and eye care are also given. Special medical cases like mental health and drug-abuse problems are also covered by the program.

Education Grants

Need-based student financial aid for single mothers in Alabama is available from both state and federal sources.

The Alabama Student Assistance Program (ASAP) is one of the Alabama Student Aid Programs that awards eligible Alabama state residents to study at an independent college or university in Alabama.

Applicants must meet general eligibility requirements and demonstrate substantial financial need. Up to $1200 per academic year with maximum amount available only when sufficient funds are available.


  1. ALL Kids is Alabama’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and is administered by the Alabama Department of Public Health. Learn more about ALL Kids. []