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If you’re a single mother and struggling just to make ends meet, there are options for financial assistance in the form of scholarshipsgrants, federal loans as well as work opportunities.

Over the years, these kind of financial aids which are granted on the basis of financial hardship has help millions of women cope with the challenges of single parenting.

Granted, getting a grant can be a bit of a challenge and tricky for many, and that’s what the objective of is all about – to educate and provide relevant resources on what, where and how best to apply for financial aid for single mothers.


We strive to create a place for single mothers to feel a part of a larger community of women who are experiencing the challenges of single parenting, not only in raising children but also in fulfilling their sense of self.

“If you have faith as a mustard seed, nothing is impossible unto you”.


While the purpose of this site is purely educational, nothing on this site should be considered legal, financial or other advice of any kind. Please be aware that we do not offer grants of any kind nor financial aids. If you’re looking for professional advice, you should consult with an independent financial adviser.

Dawn Lee
- the Editor and a single mother of one from Georgia